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Product Support - USB Flash Drives



Learn the facts and hypes about USB flash drive.


Q: What's "Grade A" or "Tier 1" Brand name Memory Chips

A: With so much variety in price, quality and capacity, how can you be sure you’re buying the best possible USB flash drives without buying the marketing hype? Idol Memory cuts through the slogans to give our customers the straight story on USB flash drives, their components and capabilities. Read more...



Q: Capacity Calculator - How many files can I put ont USB Flash Drive

A: USB flash drives are designed and manufactured at full capacity. However, some storage spaces are reserved for firmware and some are blocked as unusable space. The table below illustrates the number files can be stored on various USB flash drives. Calculate capacity...


Q: What's autorun and webkey?

A: You know that Windows that pops up on a computer whenever a USB flash drive is inserted? Webkey is an USB device similar to USB flash drive but without any storage capacity. It is primarily designed to store website address and take user to a webiste upon on inserting to computer. You can accomplish the same function on standard USB flash drive with programming. Read more..

Q: Can I lock my data on USB drive? Can I encrypt data on USB drive?

A: There are several ways to protect data file on USB flash drives. Locking the data to prevent user from erasing the data is the most common method. To allow permitted user to view files using password protection, encryption is the way to go. Locking data and encrypt data are very different. Regardless of the methods, encryption software is required. There are two main software packages: 1) resident software that requires installation, and 2) portable software that does not require installation. Idol Memory will load the software for you! If the purpose of using flash drive as promotion item to delivery marketing messages, encrypting data would prevent user from seeing the content. Read more..


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