ASI 62222 / PPAI 508496 / SAGE 69147 / DC 462110 855-688-8999

Only 0.03” THIN

The USB that gets noticed
As thin as an actual credit card.

Go Hybrid, Now!

USB Storage Plus
Real-Time CLOUD Delivery
and Tracking.
On one hand, the USB card stores physical files, while on the other, it’s able to access a cloud drive once you scan a QR code from your smartphone or desktop camera (Click here). This way, you receive local storage along with the ability to deliver real-time content, track usage and generate reports. Click here to see sample Cloud sites - Business, Catering Menu, Education, Training, etc.

Thin Is In

As thin as it gets, this credit card USB flash drive is the lightest choice available, but keeps all that space for maximum print are. It fits neatly into a pocket, wallet, bag or briefcase card slot.

Storage Capacity: from 4 to 64 GB.
Cloud Space: from 5 GB to unlimited

Print Area: 2.12 x 3.375 (in)
54 x 86 (mm) Full bleed
Dimension: 2.125 x 3.375 x .003 (in)
54 x 86 x 1 (mm)

Pick Your Color
Customize Your Card

Available in 7 color or create your own design.
Choose from translucent or solid white style. Capable of double side imprint.

Try this bright idea: LED USB Cards

Want more attention? The USB card is also available in three LED colors; white, blue, and green. They are flashy, useful and won’t get thrown in the trash.

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