iMist Stick USB Flash Drive

Dynamic USB Storage

Brilliant Design, Portable Data, Fashionable Colors

Plug It In and Take It In

This new on-the-go USB device is the perfect solution for quick and simple storage

Stick Around
with the USB

Carry this around with you easily in your bag!
Stick it into your laptop, car or anywhere with a USB Port to store your important data!

Unique Fashionable Colors

Colors suited for him and her.
Get different colors that complement each other.
With a variety, it has its own story to tell.


Color: Black, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow
Dimension: 2.875” x 0.625” x 0.25”
Imprint: 0.75” x 0.25”
Storage: 1 GB – 64 GB

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iMist Stick Oil Diffuser $3.44/ea (C/R) MOQ 100
iMist USB Flash Drive$4.33/ea (C/R) 1 GB MOQ 100