The INFINITY Leather Smart Notebook

The limitless erasable notebook that captures your thoughts for business,
education, or personal use - with an extra touch!

Portable and Sophisticated

A digital notebook with endless possibilities!
Whether you are drawing out your favorite designs, or writing notes during a meeting, INFINITY is fast, easily erasable, and restores to its natural state after use!

Scan and Enhance Your Notes

INFINITY Notebook connects your notes for work or school to your cloud services
through the CAMSCANNER APP! Scan with the APP to store your notes, and
automatically amend and enhance your notes.

Premium Digital Book

The only notebook you’ll ever need! Wired charger installed, or use it wireless for
your convenience. Charge multiple devices at once, while drawing or working on
other tasks on the digital note pages. This lightweight digital notebook that saves
money by doubling as a card and cash holder!

Erase & Reuse

A notebook easily erasable!
You can fix any writing with an eraser, water, or hair dryer.

Make a Statement to Brand Your Name

A lightweight digital notebook that saves money by doubling as a pen, card or cash holder!


Color: Orange/ Brown, Teal/Black
Dimension: 9.5 x 6.5 (in)
Imprint: 3.5 x 3.25 (in)

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$24.33 /ea MOQ 50 pcs With Power Bank $51.48 /ea MOQ 50 pcs