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How does USB encryption work?

Encryption: No gimmick here — this is serious security. Learn how to protect your data and understand the difference between data locking and data encryption.

Encryption: No gimmick here — this is serious security. Have a “sneak peek” you want to show to a limited group of customers? Encrypt the flash drives! There are several ways to encrypt data file on USB flash drives. Regardless of the methods, encryption software is required. There are two main software packages: resident software that requires installation, and portable software that does not require installation. Idol Memory will load the software for you!

Data locking: No trick, make your data non-erasable. It is simple and no software is required. Idol Memory will partition you USB flash drive similar to CD format - read only files, and make the remaining partition available for user to store data. The data locking process will be perform during production. This process cannot be done by user
  • Standard USB Encryption
    (Software installation required on PC)

    USB encryption is a simple way to protect important documents. iBizFirst step is to Install the encryption software on your personal computer then select and encrypt the files on USB flash drive. To decrypt and access the file, the user enters the password again to decrypt the file. If the user is using a different computer to decrypt the file, the computer will need exact same software running on his or her PC with same password. The user simply enters the same password again to decrypt the encrypted file. Both free and paid versions of encryption software are available to download on the Internet:

    USB Safeguard (Freeware) –
    Cr!ptAES (Freeware) -
  • Portable USB Encryption
    (No software installation required on PC)

    Portable USB encryption is convenient and easy to use. No software installation is required and less iBizconfusing for users. To access the file, user simply double clicks the file and enters the password to view the file. Most portable encryption software requires license fee to use the software. The prices range from $15 to $50 depending on the quantity.

    USB Secure (License required) -
    Kakasoft USB Security -