Most Marketing Slogans Are Little More Than Noise

At Idol Memory, Quality Speaks for Itself Back

With so much variety in price, quality and capacity, how can you be sure you’re buying the best possible USB flash drives without buying the marketing hype? Idol Memory cuts through the slogans to give our customers the straight story on USB flash drives, their components and capabilities.

Claim: “Grade A” or “Tier 1” Brand-name Chips

Fact: The only way to verify the grade of a memory chip is by testing its speed and capacity. Within each grade, at least three to four tiers of quality exist, and even the top brands offer low-grade models. So when another USB flash drive vendor touts big brands or top-grade chips, it’s usually just hype. Additionally, it’s difficult to verify the brands of the memory chip. Check out the storage calculator.

Claim: “Lifetime Guarantee” or ”Lifetime Warranty”

Fact: Every flash drive has a limited read/write lifecycle, typically about 10,000 uses for MLC and 100,000 to 300,000 uses for SLC chip. This means lifetime guarantees are little more than tall tales. Idol memory offers a replacement guarantee for all of its USB flash drives, ensuring users will always have a highly-functional product.

NAND SLC flash – Memory chip stores 1 bit in every transistor.
NAND MLC flash – Memory chip stores 2 bits at each emory cell. MLC can store more data on a memory chip with same physical size.
NAND TLC flash – Memory chip stores 3 bits (tripple-level cell) has the highest cell density, but the lower performance and endurance specfication. Retrieved from Micron.

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