Your Best Kitchen Assistant
Introducing the Zippy culinary silicon storage gadgets

Zippy Bag

Cold or hot, Zippy keeps your food fresh and tasty!
Available in 1.0 or 1.5 Liter
$3.21/ea (c) MOQ 100

Zippy Ice Bucket for Your Favorite Drinks

Keep your beverage crisp and tasty
$4.43/ea (c) MOQ 100

Zippy Wine Stopper

Let Your Brand be Reminded of Good Bottle of Wine
$1.98/ea (c) MOQ 250

Zippy Ice Ball

Keep your brand cool with Zippy Ice Ball Mold
$1.53/ea (c) MOQ 250

Zippy Universal Lid

No need for odd shape food containers,
Zippy Lid stretch to fit your storage need!
$5.99/ea (c) MOQ 100 (set of 6 pcs)