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Taking Selfies Is a Snap with iSOPHIE

Offer the Bluetooth Selfie Stick that Lasts

Wireless! Pairs & Connects Easily

Use your smartphone to take photos and video (on or off the stick) without
connecting wires or downloading an app. Simply pair iSOPHIE with your
device once, using Bluetooth, and it will stay on standby.

Lasting Power! More Photos, Less Charging

Never lose that perfect shot due to a dead battery. iSOPHIE provides a longer battery
life and uses standard AA batteries instead of hard-to-find or specialty batteries.
Standby all year round - 365 days without changing or recharge battery!

Easy to Use! One-Click Action

Simply push one button to take a photo, or press and hold to record videos.

Get a Grip! Comfortable to Handle

Prevent drops with iSOPHIE’s soft, non-slip grip.

Compact & Stretchable

At 7.5 inches (18.5 cm), it gives you 2 feet
reach you need without being too cumbersome to carry.

On Trend! Stylish Color Choices

In addition to its durable design and easy usability, iSOPHIE is an attractive
accessory. Choose from rose quartz, turquoise or black handles.

Starting at $12.99 (R) Qty 100 pcs
Free   Sample, No Setup
Offer expires 12/15/2017
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