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iSpot 100 - Bluetooth magic reminder/tracker



Frequent Asked Questions


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Q: How does iSpot work?

A: iSpot is a short distance reminder device. iSpot 100 uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart device wirelessly. You can attach iSpot to your personal belongs such as backpack, luggage, purse, etc. When iSpot with your personal belongs travel outside of Bluetooth range, iSpot will send an alert to your phone to remind you.


Q: How far can iSpot be tracked?

A: iSpot 100 uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart device wirelessly. It has the standard 30 to 40 ft (10 meter) distance. When iSpot and your smart device are disconnected because it is out of range, iSpot will beep and your smart device will ring to remind you.


Q: Do I have to download iSpot 100 App to use iSpot?

A: You can still use iSpot without downloading the App. However, when iSpot is out of range of your smart device, only iSpot will beep, not your smart device. iSpot App has other functions such as tracking, remote camera shutter, and GPS map function to show you where iSpot was lost.


Q: How do I connect iSpot to my smart device?

A: Turn on iSpot by pressing and hold the power button on the back of iSpot for 3 second to turn on iSpot. Open your phone and go to Bluetooth setting. Scan and find iSpot then pair with iSpot. Some devices will require pin code "0000" to pair iSpot.






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