Only 0.003” THIN

The USB that gets noticed
As thin as an actual credit card.

Thin Is In

As thin as it gets, this credit card USB flash drive is the lightest choice available, but keeps all that space for maximum print are. It fits neatly into a pocket, wallet, bag or briefcase card slot.

Storage Capacity: from 4 to 64 GB.
Cloud Space: from 1 GB to unlimited

Print Area: 2.12 x 3.375 (in), 54 x 86 (mm) Full bleed
Dimension: 2.125 x 3.375 x .003 (in) , 54 x 86 x 1 (mm)

Pick Your Color
Customize Your Card

Available in 7 color or create your own design.
Available in translucent or solid white style.