Introducing the 2-in-1
UV Sterilizing Box + Wireless Charger

Everything You Need

Disinfect items such as glasses, play toys, keys, beauty
tools, and other daily gadgets commonly used in a
short amount of time. Put your gadgets into the box,
and it will sterilize your items, quick and easy.

More Than a Box

A reliable source, with small coverage. A box that
gives more than just the physical appeal. The UV
sanitizing box is 9W and capable of disrupting the
DNA & RNA of bacteria and germs.

Smart Functions

Press the button on the top for your desired
disinfection time. (1 second for 3 minutes,
3 seconds for 15 minutes). With the Smart UV
Sensor, the UV light will turn off when the
box lid goes up, for safety and prevention
of UV rays harming the skin.

A Practical Necessity

The UV Box comes with a 10W wireless charger for your convenience.
Quick charge your phone for all Qi-enabled devices for efficiency!


Dimension: UV02 - 8 x 5 x 2 (in)
UV04 - 8.8 x 4.85 x 1.91 (in)
Imprint: 3 x 2”
Output: 10 W
Color: Gray, White

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