g UV Sanitizing Disinfecting Wand

The UV Sanitizing Wand!

An essential protective device against
germs on every surface and every crevice!

Just One Press

Easy button control for an effective
cleaning solution! Just Press and

Power Delivery

Sterilizing up to 100% of
everything you sanitize when
you hold it from 30-100
seconds. A strong cleaning
tool that is portable, reliable,
and sufficient!

Carry Where You Go

The sufficient gadget to bring with you anywhere you are to quickly
and effectively disinfect surfaces you come in contact with!

Pick Your Style

2 styles of the UV Sanitizing Wand.
The UV Stick (UVCS3) is smaller but
effective in killing germs on surfaces.


Imprint: 2 x 1in
Dimensions: 4.90 x 1.15 x 0.55 in
Color: White
2W: 1 UV LED
Built in 500 mAh Battery

Call to Order Your Sample

UVHW2: $19.33 /ea (C/R) MOQ 50 pcs
UVCS3: $18.96 /ea (C/R) MOQ 50 pcs

CAUTION: Do not put it near your eye or on your skin, Keep away from Children.