New! Hand Sanitizer

Stay Healthy and Maintain good Hygiene for Yourself and Others

Effective Solution

With a 99.9% effective power, this hand
sanitizer gives you the best protection
preventing you to spread germs during
cold or flu season.

Portable Protection

Bring the hand sanitizer wherever you
go for easy travel! Attach it to your
purse, bag, or pocket to have it handy
when you need it. A rinse-free formula
that is quick and easy!

Pick Your Bottle

Choose your endless travel buddy to
stay protected!


Imprint: 1 x 1 in
Color: Clear

Call to Order Your Sample

$1.63 /ea 30 ml MOQ 1000
$2.16 /ea 60 ml MOQ 1000
$1.99 /ea 60 ml Rectangle MOQ 1000
$2.32 /ea 50 ml with Carabiner MOQ 1000

$2.24 /ea 54 ml with Carabiner MOQ 1000