NEW!! SENSE Contactless Door Opener

The ultimate solution to zero contact with public surfaces!

Dynamic Design

The ergonomic design of SENSE makes it well suited and easy to use, making it
the most convenient and portable gadget wherever you go!

A Versatile Touch

Use your SENSE before you open a door, touch an elevator button, use an ATM machine, as well as checking out at a Payment Terminal. Even using touchscreens and using your phone in a careful way!

Have It Make SENSE

Made out of Zinc Alloy, the SENSE door opener is the perfect statement
to show your customers what you care for.


Imprint: Laser Engraving (Zinc Alloy), Full-Color Imprint
Color: gold, silver, rose gold, black, titanium silver
Style: Round or Square, Metal or Plastic

Call to Order Your Sample

$2.69 /ea (C/R) MOQ 500 pcs