Introducing the 2-in-1
UV Sanitizing Box + Wireless Charger

Charge your device and keep any space and area clean around you.

A Multifunctional Box

The UV Box is not just a sterilizer box but also a
wireless charger of up to 10W fast charge

True Reliability

The UV lamps will automatically turn off once the lid is open. Feel safe to keep our certified
product on your table top and no need to keep away from children.

Enhanced Feature

A compact and sophisticated box with a
UV Light indicator when UV06 Box is in
use to sterilize.

A Practical Necessity

The UV Box comes with a 10W wireless charger for
your convenience. Quick charge your phone for all
Qi-enabled devices for efficiency!


Dimension: 58.9 x 4.8 x 2.1 in
Imprint: 1 X1”
Color: White

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39.86 /ea MOQ 50 pcs