The UV Sanitizing Wand!

A convenient and long uv wand with rapid sterilization
on household and personal items!

A Clean Slate

Thoroughly sanitize the items you use and
touch on a daily basis! With a compact
design, it covers a widespread area that
optimizes its sterilization power.

An Effective Swipe

With a 99.9% effective germ killing rate,
the UV Wand will be a vital tool in every
aspect of life!

Disinfect in a Smart Way

Simply store it in your bag to travel outings
or use it daily at the office or at home.


Imprint: 1 x 1 in
Dimensions: 25.5 x 1.8 cm
Color: Black
3W: 3 UV LED
5W: 8 UV LED
External Power Required

Call to Order Your Sample

3W $31.40 /ea (C/R) MOQ 50 pcs
5W $38.17 /ea (C/R) MOQ 50 pcs

CAUTION: Do not put it near your eye or on your skin, Keep away from Children.