NEW!! AQUV 2-in-1
Water Bottle & UV Sterilizer

Self-cleaning purifying insulated water bottle for travel, hiking, or daily use!

Sterilizing Capability

Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria from
the water and the bottle. The cap doubles as a
sanitizer travel wand – simply wave it over any
surface to sterilize using the UV light.

Close Companion

An easy grip to your bottle anywhere you go!
A handle for easy access of your water bottle
while multitasking on other tasks.

A Quality Sip

High quality insulated bottle that will keep your drink cold
or hot. A 2-in-1 sterilizer anywhere you go! A convenient
bottle for all your travel, hiking, or daily needs.


Dimensions:9.5 L x 2.75 W
Color: Black, Teal

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$48.97 /ea (C/R) MOQ 50