New!! FITBOLT Massage Gun

The reinvention of a massage therapy device
at the comfort of your home!

Performance Meets Versatility

The FITBOLT is a therapy and massage gun
that helps relieve muscle soreness for an
active lifestyle or for pure stress relief.
The FITBOLT is adaptable and can be used
anytime you need it!

Multifunction Design

Deluxe systems for bringing the best functions

Enhance Recovery

Pick from 6 different interchangeable massage
heads for the perfect fit to your custom relaxation.

Active Repair

Improve your range of motion and circulation
for your next physical activity!

Find The Right FIT

Choose the perfect custom color that represents your
customers while also delivering a high quality product.

Subtle & Powerful

The FITBOLT 2 massage gun.
A portable, compact therapy device
that will keep your muscles relaxed
and ready for the next physical
activity. A smaller edition of the
FITBOLT Massage gun that will relax
your muscles with the strong power

FITBOLT Neck Massager

The new and comfortable FITBOLT Neck Massager is portable
and the ultimate massaging device. With wireless
technology, it is easy to carry around and use
while multitasking on other activities.
Unwind and relax with the neck massager
that will comfort and relax your muscles!


Dimension:5.23" x 3.25" x 10"
Imprint: 2 x 1.0 (goes on the side cylinder area)
Color: Black, Silver, Gray, Red, Yellow
Neck Massager: Mint, Pink

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