Infrared Instant Thermometer

This Pocket Infrared Smartphone Thermometer
is available for your Apple (Lightning connector)
or Android (USB-C connector) smartphone.

High Safety Performance
for Reopen Businesses

Our thermometer supports non-contact
measurement, which greatly improves
safety. With its small and light features,
it can be conveniently carried to
measure temperatures at any time.

Fast & Accurate

The built-in intelligent thermopile sensor can be
connected with any mobile phone to measure
quickly in one second. The LCD screen clearly
shows the degree.

Pocket size, No Battery Needed

Mini size makes it convenient to carry on the go. Check your tempurature whereever you are. Just plug in to the charger port on your phone and scan!


Dimensions: 1.7 x 1.4 x .55 in
Imprint: 0.5 x .5 in
Colors: White, black

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